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OMMI FOODS is a company specialized in the sourcing and supply of foodstuff and food ingredients. Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible quality in both service and products. OMMI FOODS was founded after identifying a growing need of companies to increase their market reach.
Companies that are looking to expand in new areas, often face difficulties as a result of a lack of local market knowledge, local regulations and different time zones. Also the food market has become more and more volatile. By providing our customers with up to date market information, we can help our customer in better assessing their risks and opportunities. These are all aspects where OMMI FOODS could have an added value for your company.
Our team at OMMI FOODS has experience with working in over 50 countries within 5 continents. This has led to an extensive network of both suppliers and customers worldwide.
Other advantages of working with OMMI FOODS is that we can take care of your logistics, administrative procedures, transport and warehousing. We have people working around the clock to offer our customers 24h service and market information.



Every healthy cooperation is based on trust. We take it as our responsibility to cherish this trust.


We are an open and transparent company. we strive to communicate in a direct and clear manner.


At OMMI FOODS we are not looking for the fast one time deal. We are looking to create long term commitments with our customers in order to create even more synergy.


Due to the flat organization at OMMI FOODS we are flexible and are able to decide quickly on matters.

The Quality Products of OMMI FOODS are delivered in five continents. Customers are food and feed producing companies, importers and governments.


Providing food to the whole world is our passion and it stems from our experience, knowledge and network.


We stand inbetween the suppliers and wholesalers. Our mission is to build bridges and deliver quality products.


Our headquarter is located in Mönchengladbach, Germany. We work with the companies in more than 50 countries in 5 continents.