Our objective to grow as a reliable long term partner for opening new markets and sourcing quality products.


Looking for an additional special food ingredient or food stuff for your current private label portfolio. We can help you source. Our team has accumulated more than 30 years experience in the food industry and fort his reason a broad network in the industry. Please contact us if you are interested in your own branded; juice in tin, evaporated milk, energy drink, pasta etc.


The market of private label is growing. The advantages of freedom in price strategy, client loyalty, exclusivity and higher margins are known. We can help you control the high quality which you would like to present.


Labeling can be a complex process. In accordance with the commodities act, you, in the the legal capacity of sender are responsible for the information of the packaging of the product. However, labeling rules are complicated and not always equally logical. We can help!
Our partners assess labels internationally for various manufacturers and retailers in more than 50 different languages. Please contact us for additional information of a pilot assessment.

“We support ambitious companies to export and grow”


Our export services are tailored for companies who are exploring possibilities to start exporting their products to new markets and for those who want to extend their international sales.

Since the process is an inward and outward exploration process, we offer a modular service which allows a step by step approach in identifying; export requirements, primary export markets, suitable products and sales strategies.

Each module is designed to prepare for the next. The first module is offered free of charge. Depending on how much work you have already done bellow modules we will decide together which module(s) are required to maximize success,